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René Herse: The Bikes, The Builder, The Riders (in english)

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Rene Herse ISBN11

René Herse created some of the most sought-after bicycles ever made. Explore the fascinating and incredibly rich history behind this famous constructeur in this definitive, 424-page book. Follow Rene Herse starting with his early work on prototype aircraft. Join him at the 1938 Technical Trials, where his bike created a sensation: Fully equipped with wide tires, fenders, lights and a rack, it weighed just 7.94 kg (17.5 lb), lighter than any similar bike today. Witness the difficult years during World War II and learn how cyclists used their bikes both to forage the country for food, but also to spend time with friends and to help each other. Watch amazing performances in the Poly de Chanteloup hillclimb race and Paris-Brest-Paris, as well as famous professional racers who ride on René Herse’s frames to victories in national and world championships. Visit the workshop and learn how American customers helped to keep the lights on during cycling’s downturn in the 1960s.

424 pages, 24 x 30, relié