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Rough Stuff Fellowship Archives

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Founded in 1955, the Rough-Stuff Fellowship is the world's oldest off-road cycling club. Its archive contains thousands of stunning images, hand-drawn maps and documents - an unexpected treasure trove of incredible value and beauty that is now being brought to a wider public by Isola Press.

The photos are evocative of a bygone age and a bygone style - a time when you might set off on a bike ride wearing a shirt and tie or a bobble hat, and no ride was complete without a stop to brew up some tea and smoke a pipe.

They are also a record of intrepid adventures. RSF riders explored the Lake District, the Cairngorms, the Alps and further afield, and their exploits were beautifully documented by amateur and professional photographers.

In their own very British way, these men and women were pioneers, pedalling and carrying their bikes where angels feared to tread. Mountain bikes, gravel bikes, adventure bikes all owe them a debt. This book celebrates their style and their spirit. It is a stunning visual resource of cycling heritage that will inspire new adventures.

Max Leonard, cycling author and publisher of Isola Press, working with Mark Hudson, the Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archivist.

Mark is organising, scanning and sorting through the archive materials. He'll also write an introduction that outlines the history of the club and tells the stories of the photographers.

Author: Mark Hudson & Max Leonard
No of Pages: 208
Page Size: 210 x 270 mm
ISBN 10: 0995488657
ISBN 13: 9780995488656
Publisher: Isola Press
Published Date: September 2019
Edition: 2nd, Sept 2019
Binding: Paperback
Illustrations: Colour & B+W photos
Weight: 950g